I. Scope and Objectives

1.1 Scope

The North America Board (NAB) has been established according to the Communications Society (ComSoc) Bylaws (Article 6.10). The NAB acts as a management body which represents ComSoc to the North America (NA) Region. It fosters provision of ComSoc's technical and information services to the ComSoc members in the NA Region and promotes their participation in ComSoc's activities; it also reflects the interests of the NA Regional members in establishing the policies and procedures of ComSoc.

1.2 Objectives

1.2.1 NAB will promote ComSoc membership in the NA region.

1.2.2 NAB will foster the provision of ComSoc's technical and information services in the NA region.

1.2.3 NAB will have regard to the interests and opinions of NA ComSoc members and endeavor to convey them to ComSoc as it forms its policies and procedures.

1.2.4 NAB will promote local, regional and global technical activities in the NA region.

1.2.5 NAB will collaborate with other ComSoc boards, councils and committees in international matters.

1.2.6 NAB will support ComSoc's collaboration with the Sister and Related Societies.

1.2.7 NAB will promote and coordinate ComSoc Chapter activities in the NA region

II. Operations and Organization

2.1 NAB Meetings

The NAB Meeting will be held in locations convenient to its members at least twice a year. Unless specially notified, the regular NAB meetings will be held during the ICC, GLOBECOM, or NA RCCC conferences

2.2 NA Director and Vice-Director

2.2.1 NA Director will represent ComSoc in the NA Region.

2.2.2 The NA Director will organize the NAB and appoint the NAB officers to run the NAB organization.

2.2.3 The NA Director will act as the Chair of NAB and represent NAB to other ComSoc organizations. The Director may appoint some ComSoc members as the NAB representatives to other ComSoc organizations and meetings.

2.2.4 The NA Director will report to the ComSoc Vice President-Membership Development and endeavor to reflect the interests of the ComSoc members in the NA Region.

2.2.5 The NA Director will distribute information of the NAB activities to the concerned ComSoc organizations and meetings.

2.2.6 The NA Vice-Director will represent the Director as necessary in any of the activities above.

2.3 NAB Organization

The NAB will have the following organization in support of the NA Director to accomplish its goal effectively.

  1. Vice Director
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. 5 Regional Representatives (2 - NAR West, 2- NAR East, 1- Canada)
  5. DLT Coordinator

III. Officers

3.1 Nominations and Appointments

3.1.1 The NA Director (for the next term) will be nominated by the NAB and approved by the President of the ComSoc. A formal procedure for the nomination will be defined by the NAB (see Appendix).

3.1.2 The NA Vice-Director shall be nominated by the NA Director and this appointment approved by a majority present at one of the regular NA meetings.

3.1.3 The Secretary, Treasurer, DLT Coordinator and Regional Representatives will be appointed by the NA Director.

3.2 Terms of Office

The above officers will be appointed for a two year term. These officers should not normally serve in the same capacities for more than two consecutive terms.

IV. Secretary, DLT Coordinator and Representatives

4.1 Secretary

The secretary will support the NA Director by:

  1. assisting the Director in determining the beneficiaries of the Student Travel Grant (STG) Program by responding to the inquiries from the applicants and notifying the results to the applicants.
  2. coordinating NAB meetings, arranging the meeting time schedule, reserving the meeting room and food, and encouraging NAB officers and the (potential) NA Regional ComSoc members to attend the meeting.
  3. preparing reports for NAB meetings and the International Activities Council (IAC) meetings.
  4. recording the minutes of the NAB meetings.
  5. keeping all NAB documents and records.
  6. acting for the Director or Vice-Director and attending meetings as requested by the NA Director.
  7. gathering information from ComSoc boards, councils, and committees.
  8. coordinating the mutual interests and the cross-border issues among NAB Committees.
  9. keeping contacts with the NAB officers and the NA office.
  10. prepare the NAB budget plan, manage the budget, and keep the budget records, under the approval of the Director.

4.2 DLT Coordinator

DLT Coordinator will help chapter chairs in identification of the need for distinguished lectures and in selecting corresponding lecturers. The coordinator develops the overall DLT plan for the region, helps to schedule the lectures, and nominates the regional DLTs for the approval of the NA Director.

4.3 Representatives

The Representatives will provide advice to the NA Director and act for him as requested. The Representatives will maintain liaison with the Chapters assigned to them by the Director.

V. Meetings

5.1 General

The NAB will meet to discuss Meetings and Conferences, Information Services, Membership Development, Distinguished Lecture Tours, NAB Awards, Student Activities, Industry Liaison and Chapter Coordination.

5.2 Meetings and Conferences

The board may:

  1. propose technical sessions/workshops for the ComSoc conferences;
  2. foster session/workshop organizers from the NA Region;
  3. solicit qualified reviewers from the NA Region and propose them to the technical program committees of ComSoc conferences as required;
  4. propose editors and guest editors to the ComSoc publications as required;
  5. encourage NA members to be involved directly in the ComSoc Technical Committee activities;
  6. coordinate independent Workshops/Mini-Conferences in the NA region.
  7. distribute information on international meetings and conferences related to IEEE ComSoc and its Sister Societies.
  8. distribute call for papers and other technical information to NA Regional ComSoc members
  9. coordinate and support IEEE ComSoc supported international meetings and conferences in the NA region.
  10. pursue the visibility of the NA in the above international conferences.

5.3 Information Services

The NAB Director will nominate one of the officers to be responsible for

  1. managing and updating the NA Region WWW Homepage
  2. liaison with the IEEE Global Communication Newsletter (GCN)
  3. collaborating with the NA Office in information service related matters.
  4. managing the NA Regional e-mail list.

5.4 Membership Development

The NAB will pursue membership development in cooperation with the NA Office and other related ComSoc and NAB organizations and will provide information and will analyze statistics related to membership in the NA Region.

5.5 Chapters Coordination

The NAB will:

  1. coordinate the activities of ComSoc Chapters in the NA region
  2. collaborate with the NA Office in running the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program
  3. collaborate with the NA Office in coordinating ComSoc Executives' visits to Chapters

Appendix: North America Director Nomination Procedure

A.1 The Nomination Procedure

A.1.1 A Nomination Committee shall be established when needed. The Nomination Committee shall have five members.

A.1.2 The current NA Director and the previous NA Director are automatic members, and the previous NA Director serves as the chairman of the Nomination Committee.

A.1.3 The other three members of the Nomination Committee may be recommended by "active" NAB Regional ComSoc members who have attended two or more of the last four NAB meetings. The chairman of the Nomination Committee will select three members from those recommended to reflect a reasonably balanced representation among different countries and cultures.

A.1.4 The names/e-mail addresses of all the five members of the Nomination Committee so selected will be announced via e-mail. Any "active" member may recommend candidates to any of the Nomination Committee members.

A.1.5 The Chairman of the Nomination Committee shall then conduct discussions among the five committee members in order to decide one (or two) names to be recommended to the ComSoc President as the next NA Director.

A.2 NA Director Candidacy Qualification

A.2.1 The candidate must be an IEEE ComSoc member residing in the NA Region.

A.2.2 The candidate should be an "active" NAB member, who has attended a majority of the NAB meetings in a two-year period.

A.2.3 The candidate must be someone who is committed to attending all ICC/GLOBECOM conferences in his 2-year term in order to chair the NAB meetings and represent NAB in the various ComSoc meetings held at those conferences.



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