North America Region Chapter Chairs Congress (NA- RCCC)

Thirty-Two North America Chapter Chairs Network in Anaheim, California 

Thirty-Two North America Chapter Chairs Network in Anaheim, California

IEEE Communications Society North America Region Chapter Chair Congress
(NA RCCC) 2012

 December 6-7, 2012, Anaheim, California

ComSoc NA Region Chapter Chair Congress (NA RCCC) was held on December 6-7, 2012 in Anaheim, California in conjunction with GLOBECOM 2012.

NA RCCC focus will be on retaining and expanding ComSoc membership base and enhancing chapter activities through good chapter organization. The Congress encourages sharing, feedback, and networking among chapter chairs, staff, and ComSoc officers. 

32 North America Chapter Chairs and other NA region officers attended the congress. ComSoc President Vijay Bahargava and President-Elect Sergio Benedetto attended the meeting and gave speeches on ComSoc overview, membership development and future directions. ComSoc VP Nelson Fonseca and Membership Program Development Director Mehmet Ulema summarized ComSoc membership overview, current programs and strategies. Market and Industry Relations Director Stan Moyer presented ComSoc market and membership related programs. ComSoc staff Bruce Worthman, John Pape and Carole Swaim presented ComSoc finance, administration and support/training to chapter chairs. In two sessions, chapter chairs presented their organizations, activities, experiences and challenges. The group discussed many common issues and concerns, such as organizing successful chapter level events, fund raising, Distinguished Lecturer Tour (DLT) and the Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP). The technical talk of ‚ÄúNanoscale and Molecular Communication Networks by Dr. Steve Bush, and the Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (WCET) certification program presentation By Marilyn Catis and Dr. Rulei Ting were well received by chapter chairs. 

All chapter chair attendees were satisfied with the meeting and benefited greatly from the presentation, discussion and trainings. Chapter chairs were inspired to take action items back to their chapters, enhance membership development and chapter growth.

NA RCCC 2012 was hosted by NA Region Director Dr. Yigang Cai.


Thirty-One North America Chapter Chairs Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

 At the IEEE ICC 2012, the NA RCC meeting 2012 was held at the Ottawa Convetion Centre, Ottawa Ontario during June 10- June 15, 2012.  


Thirty-North America Chapter Chairs Congress in San Fransisco, California

8/24/2011. ComSoc Chapter Chairs Meeting at IEEE Sections Congress. Taking advantage that several NA Region Chapter Chairs planned attending the IEEE Sections Congress we decided to get together on August 29 and discuss the chapter activities, issues and plans in an informal free-form meeting. Although we were able to spare only 2 hours from the tense schedule of Section Congress activities, the meeting was effective and we were able to cover a wide spectrum of different issues. More on the meeting see at ComSoc news blog.

Seating L-R: Wahab Almuhtadi, Celia Desmond, Gabriel Jakobson, Doug Zuckerman, Scott Atkinson
Standing L-R: Ali Abedi, Carlos-Andres Lozano, Xavier Fernando, Alan Newton, Zhensheng Zhang, Jose-David Cely, Cheng Li, Wai Pang Ng, Dick Carrillo Melgarejo, Bob Shapiro


Information on IEEE Communications Society North America Region Chapter Chair Congress
(NA RCCC) 2010 - 2011:

Due to reduced funding no RCCCs were planned for the North America region in 2010 and 2011.

The RegionalChapter Chairs Congress (RCCC) in North America was conducted  on 4-5 June, 2009 in Long Island, NY. The next RCCC is planned for 2012 

Starting in 2008 we initiated Strategic Discussion Meetings (SDM) as complimentary to RCCCs in 2008-2009 and as temporary substitution to RCCCs in 2010-2011. SDM is a focused intensive half-day meeting with key regional leaders, as a rule 5-6 chapter chairs in one ComSoc NA region, who are located n relatively closedgeographic proximity. SDMs have proven to be very effective (plus low cost) tool of understanding local ComSoc operational issues and planning for specific actions . The following SDMs were conducted.

2 September ,2008,  Waltham, MA

6 March, 2009, Oakland, CA

23 September 2010, Portsmouth, NH

9 July, 2011, Chicago, IL


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