A Note from the North America Region Director Yigang Cai

First of all, we would like to extend all the best gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Gabe Jakobson for his leadership, dedication, efforts and commitments in serving in the past years (2008-2011) as the NAR Director. We are glad Gabe will continue stay within NAR board and help our ongoing activities.

The ComSoc North America Region (NAR) is the largest segment in ComSoc uniting almost 20,000 members organized into 7 regions and 93chapters in US and Canada. The region maintains its website http://cms.comsoc.org/eprise/main/SiteGen/NA Region/Content/Home.html. The region is managed by the North American Board (NAB), which contains 11 members (1 representative from 7 regions, plus DLT coordinator, NAR Director, Past NAR Director and MPD Director) (see the link to it on the sidebar). The NAB acts as a management body which is responsible for initiating, stimulating and coordinating the activities of ComSoc members and chapters throughout North America Region.  The NAB organizes Region Chapter Chair Congress (RCCC), and an annual Strategic Discussion Meeting (SDM) for the chapters in each region to meet and bring for discussion several issues related to their chapters. 2012 RCCC with west NA chapters will be held during Globecom 2012 in Anaheim, CA. The NAB will organize additional chapter chairs meeting during ICC and Globecom when these chairs attend the meetings.

I encourage all chapter chairs to organize for their members by hosting local events such as technical and educational seminars, professional and social meetings, and workshops or inviting distinguished lecturers and speakers. 2012-2013 NAR DLT & DSP Coordinator is Ms Debi Siering (siering@ieee.org) who will help chapter chairs in identification of the need for distinguished lecturers and speakers, in selecting corresponding lecturers, and schedule the lectures, and nominates the regional DLTs and DSPs for the approval of the NA Director and MDP Director. Chapter chairs can report their activities through submitting the report to GNC of Communications magazine.

I also encourage all chapters to complete ComSoc questionnaire in time and apply for ComSoc chapter fund in supporting local activities. Chapters are also able to apply ComSoc Membership Development Support Grant (MDSG) (http://www.comsoc.org/about/MemberPrograms/MPSG).

To better manage and communicate chapter activities, ComSoc suggests all chapters to create web pages (associated to ComSoc web site), and launched a campaign for chapters to have a Facebook page. I propose chapter chairs to create them as early as possible.

Have fun of volunteering for ComSoc and best regards,

Yigang Cai



Last update: February 22, 2012