The mission of this committee is to sponsor conferences, workshops, technical sessions, publications, professional meetings, and standards on all aspects of tactical communications and operational situation management in military, homeland defense, and disaster recovery application areas. It provides a forum for members to exchange ideas, techniques, and applications, and share experience among researchers and engineers. Its areas of interest include military communication infrastructures including tactical radio, landline, mobile and space communications; advanced battlespace command and control models, including, C4ISR, net-centric operations, asymmetric warfare, special operations command; surveillance, monitoring and control, including target   identification, tracking and signal intelligence; homeland security management infrastructures, models, and architectures; disaster rescue, recovery and support missions; operational situation management, including situation awareness,  decision support, information fusion, situation control, situation prediction, and situation management architectures and engineering solutions; semantic information processing, including semantic modeling, ontologies, knowledge representation, semantic modeling languages, tools, and platforms.